• Floating Vs. Fixed Rotors Supermoto

    Floating Vs. Fixed Rotors Supermoto
    We are going to keep this simple, as you can find more detailed articles on the internet of how exactly a floating rotor works. We will briefly explain how it works and the benefits of upgrading to a 320mm floating rotor for your supermoto. How a floating rotor works? A floating rotor is a two piece design, the inner ring of the rotor bolts directly to your hub and then the outer rotor ring is connected to the inner ring...

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  • Best Supermoto For Under $5,000

    Best Supermoto For Under $5,000
    If you have $5,000 to spend on a supermoto there are three used bikes which come to mind right away. These bikes are what I believe to be the best used supermotos you can buy for $5,000 or less. I am writing this article for people interested in a supermoto for street riding, commuting, and all around hooligan riding. If you are looking for a supermoto for the track, these are probably not your best options.  Yamaha WR250X (Or a...

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