Best Supermoto For Under $5,000

Posted on by Cole Holley
If you have $5,000 to spend on a supermoto there are three used bikes which come to mind right away. These bikes are what I believe to be the best used supermotos you can buy for $5,000 or less. I am writing this article for people interested in a supermoto for street riding, commuting, and all around hooligan riding. If you are looking for a supermoto for the track, these are probably not your best options. 
  1. Yamaha WR250X (Or a WR250R and convert it with a set of Warp 9 supermoto wheels) A WR250R is almost identical to a WR250X. The WR250X was only made from 2008-2011 in the US so they can be tough to come across in the used market vs. a WR250R which was made from 2008-current. Adding a set of supermoto wheels to a WR250R makes it almost identical to the WR250X, no other changes are needed. 
  2. Suzuki DRZ400SM (Or a DRZ400S and convert it with a set of Warp 9 supermoto wheels)
  3. 2012+ Yamaha WR450F and convert it with a Warp 9 Supermoto Wheel Conversion Kit

These three bikes come to mind right away because they have proven their reliability on the road and also have superior performance vs other bikes in their class. To decide which supermoto will fit you best depends on your riding style and what type of riding you plan on doing. We are going to breakdown the advantages of each of these three bikes and the riding types we think they do well at. 



  • Reliable
    • 3,000 mile oil changes, oil filter every 6,000 miles
    • Valve checks every 26,600 miles
  • Fuel Injected. 
  • 6 speed transmission. This is a big advantage when you're looking to be able to cruise down a highway etc. 
  • Comes street legal in the US
  • The WR250X comes as a supermoto
  • A lot of aftermarket parts
  • Tons of helpful info floating around the internet for these bikes for when something goes wrong
  • Stunt parts are available for this bike, handbrake kits, 12 bars, full subframe replacements, sliders, frame sliders, etc. are all available

Riding Types

The WR250R/X truly does everything well except go fast. (Don't mistake this bike for a WR250F, that is a completely different bike) You can use it a stunt bike, commuter, carry a passenger, take it to the track, or even do a cross country adventure on it. The fuel injection, 6 speed trans and reliability of the WR250R/X makes it one of our top choices for a used supermoto under $5,000.

DRZ400SM / S


  • Reliable 
    • 3,000 mile oil changes
    • 15,000 mile valve checks
  • 400cc's. More power vs WR250R/X
  • Comes street legal in the US
  • The DRZ400SM comes as a supermoto
  • Stunt parts are available, handbrake kits, stunt bars, sliders, etc. 
  • A lot of aftermarket parts
  • Tons of helpful info floating around the internet for these bikes for when something goes wrong. 

The DRZ400SM main advantage over the WR250X/R is the extra CC's. There's a noticeable difference in power when you hop on a DRZ400SM after hopping off a WR250R/X. You have to use the full RPM range to get power out of the WR250X/R, where the DRZ has a little more low end grunt. It would be amazing if the DRZ was a 6 speed and fuel injected but at the end of the day, even without these two options the DRZ is a very good option for a used supermoto under $5,000. 

Riding Types

The DRZ400SM / S also is bike which does a lot of things well. For the most part you can get on it and ride it over and over without much maintenance. They take a beating and beg for more. The DRZ400 (SM/S) has been around since 2000 and not many changes have been made since it was released. The technology is proven and it continues to be a solid option for a supermoto. If possible, we highly recommend test riding a WR250X/R and a DRZ400SM/S and seeing which one fits you best. You can't go wrong with either one. 

2012+ Yamaha WR450F


  • The power. 450cc's. You can't beat the feeling of riding a 450. 
  • Reliable FOR a 450cc bike 
    • The 2012+ WR450F is one of the more reliable 450's from what I have seen being around the supermoto scene for the last 5+ years, it is still a 450 though and requires frequent oil changes and valve checks. 
  • Fuel injected. The WR450F received a makeover in 2012 and fuel injected was added. This is one huge reason why we recommend the 2012+. 
  • The feel. The WR450F feels a lot more comparable to a MX race bike, especially the 2016+ models. 
  • Stunt parts are available, handbrake kits, stunt bars, axle sliders, etc. 

Riding Types

The WR450F is for someone who wants the power of the 450 but more reliability then converting a 450 MX bike such as a YZ450F. If you crave the bottom end torque and want a bike that pulls hard all the way from 0-70mph, the WR450F is calling your name. 

At the end of the day, if you are looking for the most reliable supermoto for under $5,000 and are okay with sacrificing a little power, go test ride a WR250X/R or a DRZ400SM. If you are craving power and okay with doing a little more maintenance, go check out a 2012+ WR450F. 


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