Floating Vs. Fixed Rotors Supermoto

Posted on by Cole Holley

We are going to keep this simple, as you can find more detailed articles on the internet of how exactly a floating rotor works. We will briefly explain how it works and the benefits of upgrading to a 320mm floating rotor for your supermoto.

How a floating rotor works?

A floating rotor is a two piece design, the inner ring of the rotor bolts directly to your hub and then the outer rotor ring is connected to the inner ring using circular rivets. These rivets allow the rotor to "float" which is beneficial when the rotor is under extreme heat. 

What are the benefits of a floating rotor?

  • Better heat dissipation due to the two piece design. 
  • Less prone to warp under extreme heat.
  • Designed to keep braking more consistent under extreme heat. 
  • And the last small advantage, they look better too!

If you plan on racing, rolling stoppies, rolling burnouts or you are just an aggressive rider we recommend you look into and consider a floating rotor

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