The Moto Store Video Competition Winners

ūü•ą: Jack Hartje - @hackjartje
ūü•Č:¬†Brock Fuller¬†
Fan vote Winner:
Jack Hartje (@hackjartje)
Brock Fuller (@brock.uee)



Videos must be submitted by: August 1st by noon CDT.

Winners announced August 5th

Fan vote winner will be announced August 10th


1st: $300 gift card

2nd: Custom set of graphics

3rd: The Moto Store tee and pair of gloves 

Fan vote: Custom set of graphics






1 minute video

Supermoto‚Äôs only - 17‚ÄĚ wheels

Must be new footage. 

Video needs to showcase one rider.

Judged on:

For 2019 we are switching up how we judge. We want this competition to be open to all riders no matter what your skill set is. Some riders are better at jumping, some are better at lot wheelies, some are better at killing streets, some are better at making fire edits so for 2019 we have taken that into consideration. We are looking for the overall BEST one minute supermoto video. Our focus is on creativity, think X Games Real Moto Videos. The winners tricks are not always the craziest but their video is the most creative. Skills will play a part in the judging but our main focus will be how creative the rider was in the video. We want you to think outside of the box, we want to see things that haven't been done, things that push the sport, things that people don't see everyday scrolling their Instagram feed.

Your video could range from

- Parking lot tricks

- Street riding 

- Wheelie combos

- Urban Moto

- Jumps

- Stairs

- Offroad

- Creative spots

- And whatever else YOU think would make the best supermoto video!

Remember the quality of the video definitely matters!

Video Submission:

  • Upload video to your Instagram and tag @themotostore on August 1st
  • Upload video to your YouTube and email the link.
  • Include ‚ÄúTheMoto.Store Supermoto Video Competition‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúYour Name‚ÄĚ (nickname or IG name is fine) in the title. You can keep the video private until August 1st but we ask you make it public on August 1st so we can embed it to our site for fan voting.¬†

All videos filmed are at your own risk and we do not take any liability in you creating these videos.

2018 The Moto Store Video Competition Winners

ūü•á:¬†Jonas Skovby (@skoovby)
ūü•ą:¬†Phil Stunt (@phil.stunt)
ūü•Č:¬†Andrew Chili (@chili88gt)
Fan vote Winner:
ūü•á:¬†Jonas Skovby (@skoovby)

Andrew Chili (@chili88gt)
Phil Stunt (@phil.stunt)
Jonas Skovby (@skoovby)



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