Task Racing Universal Rechargeable Battery Light Bar Package


Task Racing has created a great package for ease of use on ALL bikes. No stator power or rewind necessary, and can be transferred to ANY bike easily and quickly in seconds. Motorcross bikes, Enduro bikes, Trail bikes, old bikes, new bikes---it doesn't matter! Can be mounted to 2 stokes, 4 strokes, ATV's/UTV's, Snowmobiles, Tractors, etc.--- all with one light! Super Universal!!!! Each lighting system is easily transferable to your NEXT bike too!

  • One 12V 2.6+Hr rechargeable Li-Ion battery, one battery charger.
  • Strong Stainless Steel mount tab design. 2 Bolts and a plug! Easy Mount On/Off bike in seconds!
  • Tough T6 aluminum exterior, with strong lexan plastic cover
  • Can be tightened down and adjusted up and down to point light where you need it ON THE FLY. Custom adjustment.
  • Includes mounting directions, Extra Extension Spacers and bolts for brake line clearance, and Task Racing stickers.


  • 24 LED Design. Pattern: 6 Flood Beams on Left, 6 Flood Beams on Right, 12 Spot Beams in the Middle.
  • 72 Watts of Power. Super Bright. 6200 lumens 4.6 Amp/Hr Draw of Light.
  • Under 4 lbs in weight.

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