Dynojet Universal Auto Tune for Power Commander V


Product Details

      The Auto Tune is a wideband O2 sensor controller that works in conjunction with your Power Commander V for constant fuel monitoring, wide ignition adjustment, and full customization. The auto tuner will work on any bike with a Power Commander V and a 12 volt system to constantly monitor the air fuel mixture and make continual changes that can be customized to put out raw power immediately or flatten out peaks for smooth operation. You can even program your machine to get the best mileage at cruising rpms and max power at a wider throttle opening.
      If you have a Power Commander V and still think your bike is hiding its true potential, get the Power Commander V Auto Tune from Dynojet to give your bike the personality that fits your riding style.
  • For use only with Power Commander V
  • Wideband O2 sensor provides accurate monitoring
  • Automatically adjusts fuel mapping based on customized settings
  • Single plug for easy installation
  • 18mm weld-able sensor bung for universal fit
  • Adjustable air fuel mixture based on rpm and throttle positioning
  • Fully user adjustable settings
  • Comes with a single O2 sensor, "cut to length" sensor cable, control module, O2 sensor "weld on bung" and CAN connection cable.
  • NOTE: Requires a ground and +12 volt connection to be made using the supplied Posi-Taps

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