Michelin Pilot Power Front Motorcycle Tire



Product Details

Top grade quality in a motorcycle tire from a trusted name in sport bike racing performance, the Michelin Pilot Power motorcycle tire delivers street bike motorcycle tire traction and performance second to none on both the street and the track. If you're looking for traction and reasonable wear in a front motorcycle tire, look no further than the Michelin Pilot Power motorcycle tire.

  • MotoGP-derived rubber compound requires minimal warm-up time.
  • The softest rubber mix in its class for remarkable grip, yet maintains tire performance even at advanced stages of wear.
  • Unprecedented lean angles: 50.6 degrees in the dry, 41.9 degrees in the wet.
  • Rubber mix remains soft even at lower temperatures providing excellent grip from the start of your ride.
  • Grooved area that’s less than 12% of the tread pattern for phenomenal cornering adhesion.
  • W-rated for speeds up to 168mph.

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