Pirelli Angel GT Front Motorcycle Tire



Product Details

    The Pirelli Angel GT is the ideal tire for those riders who want to travel long distances with a passenger and the bike fully loaded, or who simply take a ride in the country, but also for those who want to use their bikes all year round, both for recreation and commuting. All of this is true no matter what the bike is used for, whether a touring bike, a street enduro, naked or sport bike.
  • The Angel GT was designed for the primary purpose of providing regular wear and excellent water drainage guaranteed by both the front tire and by the arrangement of the grooves on the rear tire.
  • Extended Mileage Sport (EMS) - best in class for mileage and grip.
  • Ideal for sport bikes that require increased mileage without sacrificing grip and traction.
  • "W" rated for speeds of 168+ mph.

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